HeroLab Starter Package.

Here you can download the manual for your system to establish a VPN connection. Enjoy the use of Herolab!



Authenticity of Certificates.

Please find the fingerprints of certificates used around the HeroLab in the following table:

Certificate Location

Issued For

Issued By

Fingerprint (SHA1)

https://vpn2.usd.de *.usd.de COMODO RSA Organization
Validation Secure Server CA
HeroLab CA usd HeroLab CA usd HeroLab CA DC:44:25:E4:C4:DF:4B:9C:BD:E0:3C:CD:E6:02:7B:73:2E:83:65:24
HeroLab-Manager HeroLab Manager usd HeroLab CA B7:FB:25:E5:9E:72:D5:D5:21:07:E1:8E:50:5A:B6:3E:F1:E7:36:C0