Our team of highly qualified security analysts are certified according to internationally recorgnized standards and have extensive experience working in international projects. Pen tests, code reviews, security scans and bug bounty services are some of our focus fields. Each team member is committed to the Code of Ethics, undergoes continuous training and specializes in an expert field. This way we combine our expertise in different subdisciplines of IT security. Together with our Pentest Service Management Team, we guarantee you managed security services from a single source – integrated into your organization.

Our security experts are certified according to “usd HeroLab Certified Professional” and internationally recorgnized standards, including:


Offensive Security Certified Professional


Offensive Security Certified Expert


Windows Forensic Analysis


Hacker Tools, Techniques


Mobile Device Security



Certified Ethical Hacker


Certified Information Systems Auditor


Certified Information Security Manager


IT Infrastructure Library

  • Stephan Neumann
    Co-Head of usd HeroLab, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “more security” is a really broad field. On the one hand, the HeroLab provides more security by running pentests on IT infrastructures and applications. On the other hand, we share our knowledge with our customers and the community in training courses so they can avoid potential vulnerabilities in the first place.“

  • Matthias Göhring
    Co-Head of usd HeroLab, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “A team is greater than the sum of its parts! That’s why I’m committed to recruiting and training new colleagues. The usd PentestLab, our CTF platform, plays a major part in this. The PentestLab is our foundation not only for internal training but also for the events we host, such as our Hacking Nights and a range of academic training courses.”

  • Eva Willnecker
    Managing Consultant, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “As the Pentest Service Management, we schedule highly complex technical security analyses and assist our clients in implementing a tool-based asset and vulnerability management. We accompany our clients towards more security – with simple processes, the collective expertise of the HeroLab and a focus on their business needs.”

  • Ralf Almon
    Managing Consultant, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “A comprehensive view of IT security is of central importance. Legacy systems in particular are often exploited as a gateway to a company’s systems. Once an attacker has succeeded in penetrating a system, it is important to keep calm. As part of our Incident Response approach, our support in such cases is a valuable contribution to our mission.”

  • Sebastian Puttkammer
    Managing Consultant, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “Source code is the basic building block of all applications. As security vulnerabilities can be particularly dangerous here, we continuously invest in the improvement of our code reviews and the tools we use for identifying these vulnerabilities.”

  • Tobias Neitzel
    Managing Consultant, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “In our rapidly digitizing world, we need to bundle our knowledge and work together on solutions to defy current threats. That’s why we share our knowledge in CTF events, workshops and open source projects. In return, our work benefits profoundly from us learning about the experiences of other community members. This is how we fight together for “more security”.

  • Ca Way Le
    Managing Consultant, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “A pentest is just the beginning of any IT Security project. In order to provide our customers with the best possible support, we rely on excellent technical skills as well as our strong consulting competencies. To win more experts for the mission we fight for every day, we put a lot of effort in our internal training program. Every day I enjoy seeing how each member contributes to our team with their individual strengths and new ideas.”

  • Markus Ritter
    Managing Consultant, Member of usd HeroLab Steering Circle

    “No single expert can satisfy the complex requirements of our clients alone. We can only achieve good results for our clients and keep improving as HeroLab and as usd if we truly come together and work as a team.”