The usd HeroLab is the technology and research center of usd AG. The three-letter code stands for our mission and our values:


We’re a community of experts. We’re independent from products, haven’t taken out any loans, aren’t dominated by a client, we’re inventing ourselves. “U” is for “Unabhängigkeit”.


The center of our name and the center of what we do. We protect companies against hackers and criminals. “S” is for “Sicherheit” (Security).


No one is all-knowing, there is no absolute security. We are aware of our responsibility and we know that our task is complex. That’s why we share our knowledge, cooperate with the best and dedicate each day to “more security”. “D” is for “Demut” (Humility).

usd HeroLab houses highly trained security analysts, forensic experts and developers whose work focuses on pentests, code reviews, digital forensics, security scans and bug bounty services. Many years of experience gained in projects with businesses of different sizes and industries, tens of thousands of security scans and hundreds of pentests performed annually distinguish us as established security experts in our field.