Security Advisories for Foswiki

3. July 2023

The analysts at usd HeroLab examined the Foswiki application while conducting their security analyses.

They identified vulnerabilities in the application's input validation. The Path-Traversal vulnerability allows to (re)move files on the server and become an admin user. The XSS vulnerability can be used to attack other users and perform actions on their behalf.

The vulnerabilities were reported to the vendor under the Responsible Disclosure Policy. Detailed information about the advisories can be found here.

About usd HeroLab Security Advisories

In order to protect businesses against hackers and criminals, we must ensure that our skills and knowledge are up to date at all times. Therefore, security research is just as important to our work as is building up a security community to promote an exchange of knowledge. After all, more security can only be achieved if many people take on the task.

We analyze attack scenarios, which are changing constantly, and publish a series of Security Advisories on current vulnerabilities and security issues – always in line with our Responsible Disclosure Policy.

Always in the name of our mission: “more security.”

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