usd HeroLab to Again Teach Course at TU Darmstadt and h_da

11. April 2019

Hacker Contest Summer Semester 2019

The usd HeroLab will once again teach the course “Hacker Contest” at the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da) this summer semester.

Christian Frei, Head of usd HeroLab, will host the event at TU Darmstadt. Ralf Almon, Managing Consultant Security Analysis & Pentests, will take over the event at h_da.

Christian Frei is looking forward to working with the students: “We’re really happy that the students show such great interest in our Hacker Contest. With this practical module, we can give back to the community by sharing some of the knowledge we gain through our daily work and our research and training students in the practical aspects of IT security”.

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