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Advisory ID: usd-2018-0003
Affected Version:
Vulnerability Type: SQL Injection
Security Risk: high
Vendor URL:
Vendor Status: Not fixed
Advisory Status: Partial disclosure


A SQL injection attack consists of insertion or „injection“ of a SQL query via the input data from the client to the application. A successful SQL injection exploit can read sensitive data from the database, modify database data (Insert/Update/Delete), execute administration operations on the database (such as shutdown the DBMS), recover the content of a given file present on the DBMS file system and in some cases issue commands to the operating system.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

The parameter ‚phoneCallerIdSettingsForm.callerIdSettings%5B0%5D.callerIdValue‘ of the request to /config/phone/callerids/ is vulnerable to an SQL injection.

=> PoC will be published when all issues are fixed.


Make sure to use prepared Statement for each database which contains user supplied input.


  • 2018-06-06 First published


The security vulnerabilities were found by Sebastian Puttkammer of usd AG.


In order to protect businesses against hackers and criminals, we always have to keep our skills and knowledge up to date. Thus, security research is just as important for our work as is building up a security community to promote the exchange of knowledge. After all, more security can only be achieved if many individuals take on the task.

Our CST Academy and our usd HeroLab are essential parts of our security mission. We share the knowledge we gain in our practical work and our research through training courses and publications. In this context, the usd HeroLab publishes a series of papers
on new vulnerabilities and current security issues.

Always for the sake of our mission: „more security.“

to usd AG

In accordance with usd AG’s Responsible Disclosure Policy, all vendors have been notified of the existence of these vulnerabilities.


The information provided in this security advisory is provided „as is“ and without warranty of any kind. Details of this security advisory may be updated in order to provide as accurate information as possible.